In ancient Rome there were several ways to classify extra virgin olive oil. That superior one was called "Oleum ex albis ulivis", whose literal translation is "white oil obtained from olives," that is not yet ripe.
We produce our Biologic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the goal of getting that type of oil.

All the oil that we bottle is made from a cultivar (what is it?) of olives from Lavello territory: La Scarpetta.

We grow our trees without use of chemical fertilizer or herbicides at any stage of production, as is certified byICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification).

We hand pick, in mid November, when fruits are in middle of their maturation. Waiting could increase production, but causeremmo the increase in acidity of the oil.

We squeeze a freddo, within 36 hours from pick up.

We maintain just a single filter withsingle cotton filters and we bottle the oil after a few hours still murky and fragrant.


Raising 1

Raising 2


Extraction 1

Extraction 2

Final separation