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My name is Leonardo D'Auria

My paternal grandparents had about 90 olive trees and a few hectares of arable land. My maternal grandparents about as many olive trees, plus about ten hectares of arable land.

Around 2005, when I was just over 20, my father pushed me to follow their path, despite being an engineering student in Turin at the time.

I therefore undertook the procedures for the adoption of the Organic brand, and I founded the brand "D'Auria - Organic Agriculture".


Since then, I have never abandoned innovative practices, although always keeping an eye on tradition and the choice of the best methods to limit, and possibly cancel, the use of all those techniques that alter the genuineness of the products I offer to my customers. .

After about 15 years, I manage a small business that has about 2500 plants and 20 hectares of arable land, on which I grow ancient grains, legumes and vegetables.

I currently take care of the entire production part: I personally collect the olives together with the seasonal workers, I sow the wheat, I plant the vegetables, I maintain the irrigation systems, I keep the land clean, I take care of the product packaging, the packaging, the transport, the shipping, delivery ... and the website.


Everything that reaches my customers has been previously examined by me in person.

My work is totally focused on offering superior quality, year after year.

The quality I propose is the result of my utmost commitment.


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